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Sindhu Samaveli

Sindhu Samaveli Movie Info:

Starring : Harish, Amala paul, Ganja karuppu
Director : Samy
Music : Sunder C Babu
Language : Tamil
Genre : Drama/Romance
Banner : Global Infotainment
Release Date : Sep 3, 2010

Sindhu Samaveli Movie Story:

The Hero Anbu(Harish) lives in a village with his Mother who is a teacher and his father who rarely comes home being an army man.Anbu was fully brought up by his mother,he is a studious guy with good characters.His father takes a voluntary retirement after a war and comes back home.Then they lead a happy life and a set of sequence showing happy family passes on.Anbu has got a girlfriend in his school named Sundhari(Amala paul).
One day Anbu’s mother expires.His Father Veerasamy who loved her a lot missed her a lot.The son gets married so that his wife can take care of his father when he is away for His studies who has only completed 19.So Veerasamy and Sundari stay alone at home.Though he is a good person becomes a slave of lust.Some situations with his Daughter in law stimulated him to have a physical relationship with her.At one stage he forced her and had sex with her.Later he feels guilty about what he had done.He says that he is sorry and asks her to confess to his son about what happened,But they never told him.
At a point,even she feels the same as her Father in law.Then they had Sexual relationship frequently.At a point she forgets Anbu and gets closer with her father in law.One day Anbu comes home for a holiday.He felt their behaviour was very weired and he gets suspicious about them.what happens next lies in the rest of the film.

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